Writing in the Sand about NaNo 2013 – The First Few Days …


IMG_1132-Edit-Edit copyAprilwithlaptopblogpicfinalWell, after my babbling on about getting ready for this year’s NaNo, I had a frustrating start – I couldn’t get into the website, to register! Some friends I spoke to were having the same problem, so I guessed there was too much traffic on the website and went shopping instead, to stock up on some nice, healthy NaNo snacks.


November 1st dawned – Day 1 – and I still couldn’t access the NaNoWriMo website. Hubby, knowing the full extent of my technophobia suggested I might be doing something wrong, so I was (rather selfishly, I’m ashamed to admit) relieved to hear that I still wasn’t the only one. We knuckled down anyway and got on with the business in hand – Day 1 – Target – 1,667 words. Well, I managed 1,911 – trying to get a bit ahead of the game, as I know there’ll be days this week when I can’t spend long at my desk. Some of my Facebook friends managed over 2,000, leaving the rest of us with word count envy.

Day 2 – and Yippee! I managed to get into the site and register! Contemporary romance is my genre, and almost always international. For last year’s NaNo, I wrote a love story with a ghostly theme, set in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This year, for a bit of a change, I’m writing a romantic comedy, set in an imaginary English village. That’s one of the great things about NaNo, you can wander out of your usual genre/sub-genre and try others on for size. Day 2 – Target – 3,334. Only got as far as 3,095, so with hubby home tomorrow (it’s a 3 day weekend here, this week) I’ll have to catch up on Monday.

Day 3 – I pretty much know what I want to write today and for the rest of the week, so is it too early to start thinking about plot ninjas?

 >Ask Sally #23 Plot Ninjas


>A new question from my lovely friend, Womagwriter.What’s a plot ninja? I’ve seen the term on writing sites, and you say you’ve put some in your nano first chapter. Can you explain what they are…
As Sally Quilford explains, plot ninjas began as a helpful device for when NaNowers might start to flag a little. A helpful bod suggested they all have a ninja leap out of a wardrobe at some point in their novel! The idea grew and now any unexpected happening in the story can be a plot ninja. I’ve specifically asked some of my non-writer friends to think up some for me for next week. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with …

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