Writing in the Sand about Authors for the Philippines …


Instead of wittering on about NaNo this week, I wanted to join those telling as many people as possible about “Authors for the Philippines” who are running an auction until Wednesday, hoping to raise as much money as possible for the people affected by the typhoon.

Below, I’ve reblogged one of the lots up for auction, but there are children’s books, young adult and adult fiction, as well as things like having a character named after you in somebody’s next novel.

(I did reblog earlier about the highly popular Jill Mansell lot – 2 x advance copies of her new novel, wrapped in a page of her own handwritten notes, no less – but I got in a bit of a pickle and had to get my blog fairy-godmother to wave her magic wand and delete it – thanks Morgen!)

There are literary lunches up for grabs and even an “evening down the pub” event which has already had over 90 bids/comments/people forming “cartels” over it!

Please visit their blog for a browse. There’s bound to be something you’d like to bid on …


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