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Writing in the Sand about Favourite Christmas Novels 2 …


When I asked Trisha Ashley her favourite Christmas novel, she chose Wrapped up in You, by Carole Matthews. She said she particularly liked it because was so different, and I have to agree – after all, how many Christmas novels take you to the plains of the Maasai Mara?


Published by Sphere in 2011, Wrapped up in You is the story of 30-something hairdresser, Janie Johnson, whose single status is a constant source of gossip for friends and clients.

Janie’s only half listening, when one of her regular clients enthuses about her recent fabulous holiday in Kenya, although she’s captivated by the amazing photographs.

After a disastrous blind date, and hearing that her ex is not only getting married Christmas week, but is also about to become a father, Janie tells him she’s off to Africa. She doesn’t know why she said it. She had no intention of going away at all. However, with an unwanted suitor stalking her and two weeks’ holiday left, it suddenly seems a great idea.

Leaving her cat, Archibald the Aggressive, in the care of neighbour Mike, who is also single and clearly (although not to Janie) more than a little in love with her, Janie  arrives, with four other travellers, in the baking African heat.

The spectacular scenery and the beauty and nearness of the wildlife aren’t  the only things to take her breath away. Their guide for the trip is Dominic, a tall, handsome Maasai warrior.  By day he shows her the wonders of his homeland. By night he stays outside her tent, to protect her and calm her fears of becoming a hungry lion’s midnight snack.

The week races by and all too soon, Janie’s back in the cold and the rain. She misses Dominic terribly and while her friends think she’s just enjoyed a holiday romance and should forget Dominic, Janie believes there’s more to their relationship. She’s hurt by their attitude towards Dominic and plans to go back and see him again, selling her only good jewellery to pay for the ticket.

When she returns this time, she brings a very special souvenir back with her. But just when her friends should be supporting her happiness, they seem to be doing everything to spoil it … And if you want to know what happens next, you’ll have to read the book!

Carole’s novel for this Christmas is Calling Mrs Christmas, which is calling me loudly from my bookcase and I can’t wait to get started on it. I asked Carole about her favourite Christmas novel and she said Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham. So my next post will be about that and if I can get hold of Mr Grisham, I’ll find out what his favourite is …


Writing in the Sand about Favourite Christmas Novels …


I love Christmas as much now as when I was a child. Having spent more Christmases than I’d choose to away from family and home, I’ve developed a huge fondness for Christmas novels.

There are plenty of wonderful Christmas themed novels to choose from, but my favourite just has to be Trisha Ashley’s Twelve Days of Christmas.Twelve Days of Christmas blog pic

Published by Avon in 2010, Twelve Days of Christmas is a heart-warming tale. Holly Brown is a young woman with plenty of reason to avoid Christmas. Brought up in a “Strange Baptist” household, Holly had been secretly envious of her school friends. When she married, she was finally able to enjoy the festive Christmases she’d dreamed of, with her husband, Alan. However, they weren’t to have many of them  …

Now a young widow, after Alan’s Christmastime death, the festive season is too painful. Holly, who spends her summers cooking for house parties, spends her winters house sitting for those who are spending their Christmases away from home. She can be alone, work on recipes for her house-party cook book and most importantly, have nothing to do with Christmas.

But the fates have other ideas for Holly. Her December house-sit on the Lancashire moors gives her little time alone, courtesy of heavy blizzards and the handsome Jude Maitland. Her recipes get plenty of testing, as more and more of Jude’s family join them, and rather than having nothing to do with the season, she ends up right at the centre of everybody’s Christmas.

I won’t spoil the surprises, for those who haven’t yet read it. But I will say this – Make sure you have plenty of mince -pies and other Christmas goodies in before you start reading, because with all the wonderful food in this novel, you’re going to end up hungry just reading it!

Happily, Trisha  http://trishaashley.com  has added some of the recipes at the end of the book. I can highly recommend the ginger and spice Christmas tree biscuits!

Trisha’s novel for this Christmas is Wish Upon on a Star. I can’t say anything about it yet because Santa’s bringing it for me – I’ll just have to be patient! I asked Trisha about her favourite Christmas novel and she said Wrapped up in You, by Carole Matthews. So my next post will be about that and I’ll get Carole to tell me about her favourite too …

Welcome to My New Blog!


Writing was always something for which I had a great passion. There was just never enough time. Until I moved to Dubai, that is. A combination of staying out of the heat, not being a great mall-hopper, & having the words – galling at the time, but now I’m so glad of them – “Housewife/Not allowed to work” printed on my visa, gave me just what I needed – the gift of time.

But what to write? Well, what did I like to read? I’m an old fashioned girl at heart. I’ve always loved H E Bates’ Pop Larkin stories and P G Wodehouse’s tales of Jeeves and Wooster, but they were published in a totally different time, almost another world. Trisha Ashley and Katie Fforde had long been favourite contemporary authors of mine, so what about trying my hand at romance?

Ok, I’d chosen my genre. Now where was I going to set my writing? Well, it had to be Dubai, didn’t it! But setting romantic fiction in a country where public displays of affection can get you into trouble?

Well, never let it be said I like to make life easy for myself …

A quick word of thanks, before I go, to my blog-fairy-godmother, Morgen, for her help with this first post. I’m a low-tech kind of girl, so hopefully it won’t all be downhill from here – but I’m not promising!